19 January 2012

Help wanted for fanzine

It has been a long time since we created an underground fanzine.

After digging out our historical assets, we thought it was about time to make a new effort.

Therefore NIGHT MAIL productions asks for your help...

We seek volunteers to help us with this new underground project. Help would be appreciated in the following areas:
- electronic editing
- digital publishing
- black and white comics sketching
- article writing on anything underground, free of sponsors and major labels (bands and artist are welcomed)
- unlabeled promo music material for future NMP cd collections
- 'zine distribution

For editing and publishing support we primarily seek people located near Volos-Greece, with full access to an internet connection and a landline phone, but nevertheless any contribution will be taken seriously into consideration.

We must state that we do not plan in making any money from this effort, so unfortunately we are unable to pay for any service other than a limited set of digital printouts, as !!!SPONSORS ARE NOT WELCOME!!!

The fanzine will be published in Greek, both in electronic and in limited printable format. Its price will not exceed the printing cost and the online version will be free to download, under Creative Commons rights.

Anyone wishing to send an article please consider the following:
- Send us your text with an email in plain text format (encoded in UTF8 or ISO8859-7 format). If in any case you wish to make a layout suggestion please attach the same text in a .doc file (MS Office 2003 format). Please spell-check your text and avoid writing all in uppercase or without intonation. Greeklish text will NOT be accepted.
- In order to help us with the printable layout, all pictures should be send at high resolution (300dpi+) in .jpg, .gif or .png format. For black and white pictures please consider a .tiff file.
- For users with different OS than MS Windows, please contact us for compatibility issues before sending attached files.
- All files and articles must be FREE OF COPYRIGHT. Credit will be given to all writers and artists. If you wish to use someone else's work you MUST CLEARLY state the original source, so as to give proper credit. If the material is copyrighted YOU must provide written proof that the owner permits you to use or copy his/her work. In any other case your material will be rejected. We urge you all to send us your own original material.

More info (in Greek) will be available in the 'zine area of the blog.

Thank you all!

Roadies and Groupies,the tour is on!!! Cheers!!!

NIGHT MAIL productions

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