12 March 2012

NMP's news flash

Hello World!

Well here we are, after almost a year, setting up and running our own indie label.

Things are getting more organized and more gigs are on the way.

Until now we have offered you a nice dark CD by "The Art of Joy project", several lives at local bars in Volos and Mount Pelion area, a wide variety of artistic photography, paintings and gig posters by Mahi Vlahou-Fragkou, our first joint event "Station 1" and finally the chance to be part of our fanzine team.

Our indie approach on live gigs combined with the artistic creations of Mahi, managed to get the attention of a Spanish blog/webzine under the name "LUX ATENEA WEBZINE". You can read their post here. Thank you guys!!!

But that's not all... Our artists have more things to present. We have the reunion of "JAN" band (more info soon) and a small intriguing poetic collection is on the way.

As summer is near, we have set a few more goals on more and bigger live events and even attending a couple of festivals.

Well people, things are rolling fast, so be prepared for some interesting news soon. 

Thank you all for your support,

NIGHT MAIL productions

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