10 January 2012

Trela zine #1 (History update No2)

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About 15 years ago (sometime within the years 1996-1997) Kostas Nikopoulos and Nikolas Galiouris joined their creative underground madness (τρέλλα) and set up an one of a kind zine that really shook the underground community.

Both cynical and funny, managed to write its own little piece of history within a culture that appreciated their creativity.

While scavenging in the "time closet", an old copy was found, so we decided to bring it back to life and share it electronically.

You may read it online or download it from Google Docs.

NIGHT MAIL productions

1 comment:

  1. A really interesting work that influenced many of our friends.

    I do remember that sometime after this zine was published and managed to get into the distribution channels, we met some really interesting people, either face to face or online.

    One of them was a gal with the nickname "Parakmi" . Many hours of chating around in IRC and giving each other food for thought. Her web page was something epic for the time, mostly because of her writings and radical ideas.

    Well her web page is back online for archive purposes at http://www.countess.gr/parakmi/.

    P.S.: @parakmi : If by any chance, you come across this blog post, it would be really nice if you could drop us an email at the contact info shown at the right blog side. I would be really happy to hear from an old friend but also I think you could help us with a couple ideas we have at NMP.

    Cheers love!

    MK aka tiletipos