16 January 2012

"Το δεκανίκι #1" 'zine (History update No3)

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About 15 years ago, sometime in 1998, the "notorious gang of Volos" decided to create a new fanzine.

The name for the 'zine was "το δεκανίκι" (the crutch). 

Nikolas Galiouris and Kostas Nikopoulos were the main editors, while George A. and Maria P. helped with the electronic setup and typing.

Major help by granting backstage access to local rock festivals, was given by Anna Voutsinou. At that time, Anna was working for the cultural organization for the Municipality of Nea Ionia.

As usual, the edition was limited to only a few copies (photocopies) and was distributed free of charge to anyone interested.

This time our "time closet" offered us an old photocopy of the 'zine, so we brought it back to life in order to share it with you.

You may read it online or download it from Google Docs.

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