22 November 2011

"Stations" and NMP


NIGHT MAIL productions strongly believes in everything indie and takes great effort to deliver the best quality possible as part of its values, when supporting an event.

Having that in mind, we decided to roll with a series of small events, presenting not only artists who are signed to NMP but also any unsponsored acts that wish to join forces with NMP.

We decided to name these events "Stations"...
All stations have stories to tell and a varied meaning. Art by itself is a station where sometimes everyone meets. So... let's meet in one of our "Stations"!

"Stations" are mostly combined events, not necessarily relevant. Everything is to be expected ...

We are already setting up the "Station 1" event. More info will be available soon.

For the time being, this is an open welcome to all going indie and/or underground. We are building a team because our belief is that the best things in life are "things" that bring people together.

Feel free to contact us at nightmailproductions@gmail.com , and keep checking our online resources for news updates

See you on the other side,

NIGHT MAIL productions

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