15 November 2011

The Art of Joy project - going underground...

The Art of Joy project (AJP) is the solo product of Nickolas Galiouris. It all began in 2007, when Nickolas was experimenting with effects and sounds, coming up with a demo named "music for a low-budget, B-movie" (recorded and mixed at Night Mail productions Home Studio).

By February 2008, he started writing some lyrics and "got lucky" with the music. The "special" ingredient he brought with him, was a really primitive drum kit, consisting of tin boxes, copper casserole lids and his foot stomping the wooden floor. And started recording once again at NMP's home-studio. After correcting various aspects of the songs when at the same time new material piled up, the CD was ready in 12 Apr 2010.

"The Clown" is a concept album, talking about different kinds of bonds, strings attached and freedom. There are six(6) songs and six paintings created by Mahi Vlahou Fragou, inspired by the song titles in it:
1)the clown(intro), 2)not a hero's song, 3)keep burning like hell, 4)in between, 5)goodbyes, 6)the clown(exit).

The presentation took place in May 8th 2010 with Nickolas and Inner Sleeves performing all songs of "The Clown" + art exhibition of the original paintings used for the CD artwork. In january 19 2011, AJP went unplugged.

Right now, Nickolas is putting together new tunes for the next

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