10 December 2011

"Station 1"... "Ksekourdisto Portokali", Volos (14-15/12/2011)

Mahi Vlahou-Fragou and The Art of Joy project will be participating at the first of a series of small events - "Stations" (mostly combined events) , held by NIGHT MAIL productions at various venues...

"Station 1" is Ksekourdisto Portokali. The event is scheduled to last 2 days - 14 & 15 December 2011.

In this 2-day event, NMP's woman Mahi Vlahou-Fragou is exhibiting paintings blending impresionism and cubism on both days, while Nickolas Galiouris with his "Art of Joy" project is closing the second day of the event.

NIGHT MAIL productions

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