20 November 2011

Mahi Vlahou Fragou: NMP's woman

Mahi Vlahou-Fragou is NMP's main artist and cover art designer.

She has worked as a Conservator of ancient antiquities for the 13th Division of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities of the Archaeological Institute of Thessalian Studies.

She uses her artistic talent as a photographer and painter for music bands, handles interior decorations and paintings (mostly for children's rooms) and designs tattoos.
She also makes handcrafted candles in a variety of designs, hand-carving and painting on furniture and she likes designing and restoring clothes.

She created her first album cover for the band "Mortal Void" in November 1998 and participated in various festivals with friends ("Mod k", James Segovian). Her favourite teacher is Costas Komninos (painter).

In 2010 she joins forces with The Art of Joy project (Nickolas Galiouris), for the album "The Clown", creating six paintings, inspired by each song-title of the CD.
When traveling and meeting different types of people and cultures, she writes short bizarre stories and one-act plays.

Her favourite poet is W. Blacke with his poem "Poisoned Apple" .

Favourite photographers: C. Beaton, Alvin Langdon.

Favourite painters: Dali, Picasso, Joseph Vargo.

If you see something that interests you or you have something artistic on your mind that fits Mahi's interests, do not hesitate to contact her via NMP's
email at nightmailproductions@gmail.com to check if we can make your dream
a reality.

For more details you may visit her official myspace or her official blog

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