23 January 2011

NIGHT MAIL productions is a fact!!!

NIGHT MAIL productions (aka NMP) is a new independent label that has as a target to promote anything artistic (from music, to poetry, to painting and photography, etc).

NMP's first appearance dates back in 1999, with its initially greek name( Nikterino Tahidromio), and concerned a poetry collection by Nickolas Gkaliouris, named " Dreams and Visions in Blue Atmosphere"(onira kai oramata se mple atmosfera). A total of fifty (50) copies were printed and distributed free of any charge to Nickolas's friends.

The second act that NMP supported was "The Art of Joy Project"-a solo project of N. Gkaliouris , who made a debut with "Music for a Low-Budget B-movie" (2007). By 2007 NMP has managed to set up a small home studio, with nothing but the very basics.

In 2009, NMP joined forces with Mahi Vlahou-Fragou (painter, photographer). Mahi and Nickolas collaborated in what would be the second and official work of Art of Joy project, "The Clown". Nickolas self-financed "The Clown" 's 500 copies and Mahi gave her best to create the six magnificent paintings in the CD's booklet.

Additionally NMP is supported by a couple close friends, that for the time being they wish to stay anonymous. These people, out of true love for anything underground and alternative, manage most of the technical details of NIGHT MAIL productions, devoting a great amount of their spare time, therefor being a valuable asset to our work.

Stay tuned and follow NMP's blog because there's always more coming up...

For more info or suggestions you may contact us by email at nightmailproductions@gmail.com

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