01 November 2016

A Change of Course


Long time since the last update folks....

We consider NMP being a true survivor during these harsh times in its own unique way.

All kind of problems make our daily routine a constant struggle, trying to set back all our artistic projects. Even the so called "Greek austerity" takes turns in beating us daily.

Nevertheless our artistic spark is still alive and adopted to our daily problems. Night-Mail has always had the tendency to move as circumstances require.

So folks, here is a reality update on our current goals and projects:

- The basic idea still goes the same: Night-Mail Productions promotes
anything artistic, within its powers.

- We run all our projects within a true real low budget and
from the artist.
- We wish our future projects to be crowd-funded orientated.
- The fanzine project is terminated, due to limited turnout of
partners and artists.

- No more "Stations" will be held, unless crowd-funded or publicly demanded.
- The survivor during these harsh times is Night-Mail's Home-Studio,
with ongoing active recordings, jamming sessions, singles and CD
releases. (New posts on what is the new material and how the whole
home-studio runs, coming SOON)

- We are looking for passionate volunteers to help us run the whole
gig. Web designers, sound engineers, PR-manager web orientated
enthusiasts are welcomed. In return we offer good coffee, great
talking partners, serious and tough debates on how things get organized and from time to time delicious home cooked meals.

(Just to make it dead-clear: WE ARE UNABLE TO PROVIDE ANY FORM OF PAYMENT TO ANY VOLUNTEER AT THIS TIME - we are asking you to be part of our team and support your passion for the arts, the DIY way)

Contact us if you wish to contribute in any way.


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